This directory lists all in-person meetings throughout our international community.
To view a list of our online meetings, please visit our Online Meetings page.

8:00 am Refuge Recovery Castro Country Club 4058 18th St San Francisco, CA English, Open, Wheelchair Access
8:00 am Refuge Recovery The Sanctuary Church 1400 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale, FL English, Open, Wheelchair Access
10:15 am Refuge Recovery Kaiser Addiction Medicine Recovery Services 380 W MacArthur Blvd Oakland, CA English, Wheelchair Access
10:30 am Refuge Recovery Temple White Lotus 900 E Karen Ave Las Vegas, NV English, Wheelchair Access
11:00 am Refuge Recovery Portneuf Sangha and Meditation Center 424 W Lewis St Pocatello, ID English, Wheelchair Access
11:00 am Refuge Recovery Southwestern Community College 447 College Dr Sylva, NC English, Open, Wheelchair Access
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