Refuge Recovery Fort Worth

Refuge Recovery Fort Worth

Refuge Recovery Fort Worth was started in October of 2016. It began with a core group who relentlessly built it into the thriving Sangha that it is today. Per the guiding principles, we have recently implemented a rotation of leadership. The current Service Positions are excited to expand what has already been set in motion. Our mentorship model, for now, has naturally evolved into peer to peer connections and our service positions consistently practice servant leadership.

We currently have five meetings per week. Three are topic-oriented meetings on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. A Woman’s group on Monday, and Refuge Recovery book studies on Tuesday. We have tried to make our meetings as accessible, interesting, and beneficial for all participants.

Our Fellowship outside meetings is candid, based on true relationships. My counselor in I.O.P. would say “The opposite of addiction is genuine connection.” As a group we seek and encourage such connections and are creating real friendships. We are even developing a relationship with a local Yoga studio for combo meetings and may have satellite meetings soon!

RR Fort Worth is excitingly eclectic. With a wide range of ages, genders, diverse personal and professional backgrounds, our meetings have a great deal of varied input. We find that this keeps everything fresh and the individual gets to do their own homework.  

Refuge Recovery Fort Worth is committed to the peer lead group model,  and wish all Sanghas find refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.