The Kit is a more cost-efficient way to begin a new meeting, as it comes with all the necessary items for facilitating a Refuge meeting but at a discounted price because of the bulk/wholesale purchasing price.

The Kit includes:

  • 5 Refuge Recovery books
  • New meeting task checklist
  • Singing bowl with striker and cushion
  • Laminated copies of group readings (preamble, guiding principles, facilitator script, Four Truths)
  • Dana collection donation box
  • 10 copies of Dedication of Merit
  • 10 copies of the Eightfold Path
  • Refuge Recovery Group Binder: Divided into organized sections of helpful sangha materials such as the weekly meeting info record, sangha contact form, tracking dana collection & managing group funds, the Refuge meditations (all in sheet protector sleeves to minimize the noise of turning pages during group meditation) and finally…
  • A section of master copies of ALL the available Refuge Recovery info/literature your sangha can use for printing copies to supply a literature table.

The cost is $135.00, including postage. If you are interested in purchasing one, please email


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